6 Months to 1 Year

Deposit ($750) and contract
Bride will receive email confirmation of receipt of both


4 to 6 Months

Meeting with bride, caterer, and coordinator to discuss menu and cake options
Go over wedding ideas and any special requests
Provide coordinator with outside vendors
Finalize wedding package details and estimated price


2 Months

Payment due- 50% of wedding package due
Meet with coordinator to make final decisions- (set aside about 2 hrs for this meeting)
Table Setup/Placement
Establish Timeline
Go over ALL details
Bride should bring lists of names of all wedding party, parents, grandparents, and list how they will be paired for procession
Bride should make decision on head table/s and who will be seated there
Any special ceremony seating
List of ceremony songs as well as songs for special dance
Method of exit- sparklers, ect
Basically go over every detail coordinator needs to know
Give coordinate estimated guests count


1 Month 

Payment Due- 75% of wedding package due
Provide Coordinator with guests count- guests count can change up to 2 weeks prior but by no more than 25 guests


2 Weeks

Final Guests Count
Final payment
Timeline of wedding day will be sent to vendors
Vendors will also be given directions and what time they are allowed to arrive for setup 


1 Week

Final Meeting with bride and groom
I prefer to meet brides parents there if possible (this meeting only takes about 30 minutes)


Night Prior / Rehearsal

All wedding party and anyone in procession (parents/grandparents) if possible
Minister must be in attendance
DJ must be in attendance- unless he has worked other weddings at Soap’s Place


Wedding Day 

Coordinator and staff will arrive by 10:00 am
Bride is allowed on site at 9:00 am
Decorators/ Vendors/ Ect allowed on site by 10:00 am (unless special arrangements are made)
Wedding day will go as timeline details
All guests must be off premises by midnight
Exceptions- those staying to help cleanup bride’s decorations, pick up bride/grooms gifts and other personal items, these individuals are allowed to be onsite until 1:00 am for those purposes